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Some boat designs are meant to last, to have the same appeal many years – or generations – down the road as they did the day they were first launched. That certainly is the case with the Huck Fin – a 56’ Fairform Flyer model Sportsman built by the legendary company Huckins in Jacksonville, Florida in 1966.  Originally named Subito, she underwent a major refit in 1995, which included new motors, interior and generator. Since that time each owner has continued to make impressive improvements and keep up on all maintenance schedules.

Founded in 1928, Frank Pembroke Huckins was one of the first builders to develop planing hulls. The company built PT boats for the Navy during the Second World War, and developed the patented Quadraconic hull, with modest deadrise and concave bottom sections to make the boat perform well at any speed and provide incredible efficiency and comfort, even in big seas.

Today the Jacksonville builder is run by Huckins’ granddaughter, Cindy Purcell, and her husband, Buddy.



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