free-diving01Thanks, but no tanks! Want to dive in? We offer free diving and snorkeling for those that want to dive without dive tanks. Let Captain Stewart take you to some of the best waters off California’s coast for snorkeling, free diving and spear fishing. Whether you want to swim with dolphins or cavort with bright orange Garibaldi fish off Catalina Island, Charter Go Sea It.





Here are a few Channel Island free diving notes:

  • Santa Cruz Island Explore for White Sea Bass and enjoy excellent overnight anchorages. One of the largest and deepest sea caves in the world, the Painted Cave, is found on the northwest coastline of Santa Cruz. Named because of its colorful rock types, lichens, and algae, the Painted Cave is nearly a quarter mile long and 100 feet wide, with an entrance ceiling of 160 feet and a waterfall over the entrance in the spring. This hard to reach destination is only one of a number of interesting features to explore. Santa Cruz Island has a long history, with over 10,000 years of American Indian habitation and over 150 years of European exploration and ranching. Many natural and architecture wonders are readily available.
  • Catalina Generally considered “easy” diving and is too big to explore entirely in a single day, so pick the high points based on diving ability, tides and weather.
  • Santa Barbara Three Sisters Beach (good for horn sharks, bat rays, and sometimes leopard sharks in the shallows), the Arch (a stunning natural underwater arch with a variety of sea life surrounding it), Webster’s Point, Elephant Seal Cove are high points.
  • San Clemente The largest of the Southern Channel Islands at over 27 miles long—makes it impossible to see it all in one trip. Clemente is owned by the U.S. Navy and serves as home to a base in NW Harbor, which also includes Navy Seal training facilities. Popular sites include Castle Rock, Purple Boilers, and 9-Fathom Reef.The best free diving spots are only accessible by private vessel. This is the right time to take advantage of Captain Stewart’s deep knowledge of the Channel Islands and find the ideal location to plan the perfect free diving or snorkeling adventure.

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